52 pedals, week 30—Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato

I’ve mentioned in recent posts from the 52 Pedals series that I often see an advantage in a guitar pedal that is more than meets the eye. Like a Transformer really. And just like a Transformer is a vehicle and a robot, the Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato pedal is two pieces of awesome combined into one. That makes sense because vehicles and robots are both awesome.

Also, I’m not a rich man. So if I can convince my wife to let me buy one of the pedals from this list at the end of the year, I may as well get my money’s worth and get two pedals in one. “By buying two pedals in one I’m essentially saving us money!”

I should be in sales.

The Ola pedal has so many knobs, switches, buttons and lights that it would make a perfect addition under any Christmas tree which makes it a great gift. Or tree ornament if you don’t feel like wrapping it. But apart from looking awesome, these features actually add to the effectiveness of the pedal. I think if you look up winning in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Ola. Or maybe not. I’ve never actually seen a dictionary that had pictures in it.

Let’s go through the features to the best of my ill informed knowledge.

The Type switch allows you to go between the chorus, multi and vibrato settings of the pedal. Chorus is chorus. Vibrato is vibrato. Multi is apparently a stereo chorus effect that handles a high wet mix without losing itself in all kinds of warble. Nobody likes a warbled chorus.

As mentioned, there are many knobs. The Speed knob controls the chorus speed effect. The Mix knob allows you to blend the wet and dry mix to your liking. The Ramp/Env knob is like a speed control (for the Ramp and a sensitivity control for the Env mode. The depth controls the depth of your chorus effect while the Tone knob does what you would imagine it does.

Without getting too technical—because I am not technical at all—the final switch for the Mode allows you to switch between Norm, Env and Ramp. Going through these modes allows you to affect the strength of your guitar’s wet signal in relation to the chosen effect in the pedal.

Affecting the effects. Cool.

The chorus and the vibrato treat each mode differently meaning this switch used in unison with the Type switch equals hours of guitar playing enjoyment.

Not only is the pedal offering a two-in-one approach to the sound effects, but it offers a two-for-one approach to input and output. It’s true stereo with left and right input and output. Very awesome indeed.

I could write for days and all that would happen is my fingers would get sore and my employer would wonder where the heck I was. Luckily for us all, video is able to explain better than all of my words how awesome this pedal sounds. Watch. Listen. You’ll see why I want one of these Ola pedals. You may want one now too.

You’re welcome.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar pedal. I have not experienced first-hand the sound or effects of this guitar pedal. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

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