Lifeblood Guitar Picks—Lexan Cut Throat

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a Lexan Cut Throat plectrum by Lifeblood Guitar Picks. To say this guitar pick is unique is quite the understatement. According to my own research, Lexan is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic and has many uses—one of which is bullet-resistant windows. Another use is clearly high quality guitar plectrums.

Another unique feature of this plectrum is its shape. The shape is its most unique feature actually. The plectrum is shaped to fit snuggly on your pointing finger so your thumb doesn’t have to work so hard when holding the plectrum in place as you play guitar. The plectrum I received was not custom made for my own hand—this service is available I believe—but it was a comfortable fit all the same.

I’ll be honest, the plectrum takes some getting used to. It doesn’t help when you’ve had years of poor plectrum handling behind you. Knowing all of that though, I was surprised how quickly I became accustomed to the shape and feel of this plectrum. The texture isn’t quite the same as your standard plectrum, but is very non-slip and comfortable. There is also a small ridge at the base of the plectrum—the edge opposite the picking edge—that assists with the gripping the pointing finger does effortlessly. As mentioned earlier, this plectrum relieves the thumb from what is normally its joint responsibility in the plectrum holding role—grip.

It’s still early days for me, but so far I am loving this plectrum. I’ve been using it for several hours now spread over a couple of days and it is showing no sign of wear-and-tear. I’m yet to conquer the art of speed picking—heavy metal style on the low-E string—but I have a feeling that has more to do with my inability to pick properly than anything else. I have the worst picking technique. Hopefully this plectrum will fix that for me without causing my thumb to give up before me.

If you’d like to hear a quick recording I did while using the Lifeblood Guitar Picks Lexan Cut Throat, please feel free to do so below. This track was recorded entirely in AmpliTube for the iPad.

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