The Heavy Alphabet

This year, I’ve been writing fortnightly posts about bands that are grouped by their band name’s starting letter. It started with the A list and logically ended with the Z list—that’s generally how the alphabet starts and ends. The entire series is conveniently grouped under this 26 playlists tag group.

One thing I started thinking about as I put these lists together every other week was “What would a playlist look like if I chose my favourite track from each alphabet letter playlist?” Well, as it turns out, that would look exactly like this.

  • A Perfect Circle—Judith
  • The Butterfly Effect—Gone
  • Creed—Faceless Man
  • Dead Letter Circus—Lodestar
  • Evanescence—Never Go Back
  • Flyleaf—Again
  • Godsmack—Something Different
  • HIM—Wings of a Butterfly
  • Iron Maiden—Children of the Damned
  • Jerry Cantrell—Dickeye
  • Korn—Freak on a Leash
  • Linkin Park—Numb
  • Metallica—Fade to Black
  • Nothing More—This is the Time (Ballast)
  • Of Mice & Men—Back to Me
  • Palisades—Erase the Pain
  • Queen—One Vision
  • Ravenface—Be Silent
  • Static-X—This is Not
  • Tool—Parabola
  • Underoath—ihateit
  • Velvet Revolver—Fall to Pieces
  • Wage War—Who I Am
  • XYZ—Inside Out
  • Y&T—Rock and Roll’s Gonna Save the World
  • Zwan—Mary Star of the Sea

One thing that did happen for me this year was that I’d discover new bands later in the year that would have made earlier lists—such as the band Dayseeker who I discovered too late for the D playlist.

Other than that, the list above is accurate at the time of writing. That’s a diverse playlist of rock and metal bands that can keep you going for almost two hours.

It’s been a fun experiment. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and hopefully discovered some cool new music along the way. Feel free to let me know what songs you’d have included that I missed in the comments below.

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