Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘Z’ fortnight

Back when I wrote the article for the M fortnight of this series, I started with Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … which represented the number of M bands in the article as well as the tastiness of a playlist with that much variety. If I was to follow that same approach for this final playlist, the result would be Zzzzzz.

Yep. Six bands. That’s how many Z bands I could come up with—with a little help from friends. This will be one sleepy little article.

There was one band that required a micro-second of thought when putting this list together. That band was of course ZZ Top. The rest was the result of a lot of research. A lot of research that resulted in a playlist containing five songs. One song that I’ve loved for years, one song that I added after initially publishing this article—more on that in a moment—and three new songs for me to get used to as they repeated over and over during my drives to and from work.

Thanks to my Twitter friend Bruce for making me realise that Zakk Wylde had released some music under his own name and not under the Black Label Society name. It’s not as metal some of the other tracks in this year’s series, but I think Zakk can be excused on account of how metal he generally is.

Anyhoo …

The repetition in this playlist is going to be a bit like me—getting old quickly. Here’s the short list.

The Z list

  • ZZ Top—La Grange
  • Zephyr—Showbizzy
  • Zebra—Tell Me What You Want
  • Znöwhite—Sledgehammer
  • Zakk Wylde—Tears of December
  • Zwan—Mary Star of the Sea

Zwan was a late addition. I realised that I had missed them because they don’t appear in my Google Play Music app. I do own the CD though. I should have checked that earlier.

Anyhow, not much to see in the list itself. Perhaps not the high I wanted to end with. Luckily, this article won’t be the way I end this series. Why end on a low? Why start the series at all? Well, in the next fortnight I’ll write the final summary piece. That will show one of the reasons I decided to start this journey in the first place.

See you then. I won’t literally see you though. I don’t have the digital wizardry skills to make that happen.

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