Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘M’ fortnight

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … Not only is that a satisfying word to say/type, but it’s also an accurate count of how many M bands are in this fortnight’s edition of the alphabet playlist of metal.

There are 23 Ms for those of you who don’t feel like counting.

I’ve honestly been looking forward to this entry since I knew I was going to do this article series. Two of my favourite bands start with the letter MMegadeth and Metallica.

Off the top of my head I could easily name five other metal bands that started with M. When I really started to look deeper and harder, the cool band names kept on coming. Maybe it’s because metal starts with M. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to start a band logo with the letter M. Maybe it’s because the word maybe also starts with M.

It wouldn’t be that.

Whatever the reason, I’m loving the M playlist. It’s awesome. The bands are awesome. There is more heaviness in this list too. It’s not all pure metal though. Thanks to some great suggestions made in the comments section of my last playlist article, I have some good rock options in this list too.

It’s taken me a while to get the list together in an article, but the playlist itself has been a work in progress for months. Get ready letter N! You’ve got some work to do if you’re going to follow this one up with any sense of dignity.

The M list

  • Mark Morton—Cross Off (featuring Chester Bennington)
  • Motionless in White—Headache
  • Metallica—Fade to Black
  • Megadeth—Mary Jane
  • MD.45—Designer Behavior
  • Motorhead—Killed by Death
  • Motley Crue—Shout at the Devil
  • Massface—Blackwater
  • Message From Sylvia—Right Here and Now
  • Myrath—Get Your Freedom Back
  • My Chemical Romance—Helena
  • Marilyn Manson—the Beautiful People
  • Memphis May Fire—The Old Me
  • MEYTAL—Everybody Hates You Now
  • Majestica—Above the Sky
  • Make Them Suffer—Hollowed Heart
  • Machine Head—Is There Anybody Out There?
  • Memoriam—Shell shock
  • Mastodon—High Road
  • Meshuggah—Born in Dissonance
  • Millencolin—Black Eye
  • Modest Mouse—Invisible
  • Metric—Gold Guns Girls

Huge. That list is huge. I could listen to this list for longer than a fortnight. I won’t though because I need to eventually move onto the N list. It’s going to be a tough call to pick a favourite from this list—even if my all-time favourite song is in this list.

If you haven’t seen me mention it already and elsewhere, Fade to Black by Metallica is that song. Greatest song by any band. Ever.


You can’t make that symbol without the letter M. It’s perfect.

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