Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘N’ fortnight

I always suspected that last week’s entry in the alphabet playlist of music was going to be hard to top. Sorry N … you’ve proved my suspicions to be warranted. This seems to be a fortnight of slim pickings.

Not trying to take away from the bands that make up this list—there are some exceptional entries here—there just aren’t enough of them. Is that due to my own limited playlist building abilities? Probably. But going through the catalogue of music I listen to, there don’t seem to be a lot of heavy bands I can easily recall that start with the letter N.

I have a very strong feeling that I’m missing a few obvious choices though. I should probably stop writing these posts late at night or early in the morning when my insomnia has a stranglehold on me.

Let’s see the limited list N has provided me with.

The N list

  • Nine Shrines—King of Mercy
  • New Years Day—Come For Me
  • Nine Inch Nails—Closer
  • Nirvana—Lithium
  • Nothing More—This is the Time (Ballast)
  • Nevermore—Born
  • Newstead—Soldier
  • Nonpoint—What a Day
  • Nightwish—Amaranth

Not quite as many entries as last fortnight’s letter. On the bright side, every song will get a list in my morning and afternoon drive to/from work. That’s a good thing for the play count of each song in this playlist.

Let’s focus on that positive note. I’m more interested than ever now on what the O list will bring. Hopefully that list and article will fall back on the fortnight it’s supposed to instead of this consistent lag of blogging I’ve been sticking with lately.


Pick up your game alphabet! Yes … I’m blaming the alphabet.

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