Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘O’ fortnight

Oh, this will be a disappointing fortnight of variety. The M fortnight seemingly ruined everything and set the bar way too high. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some awesome music in this fortnight’s article. There’s just not as much as when M rocked the house.

I’ve tried to get assistance with this fortnight too. I’ve been asking my work colleagues for suggestions—I was genuinely and pleasantly shocked today when someone suggested Opeth. I’d already included them, but to have such an awesome band suggested from someone I’d never have expected that from … mind pleasantly blown.

There’s good musical variety in this article’s playlist. There’s the probable Godfather of metal—Ozzy Osbourne—and there’s punk. There’s metal and there’s rock. It’s all there.

I just wish there was more of it.

Still, I am not looking at these smaller playlists as any less of a result. There may be fewer tracks to listen to as I drive to and from work, but the journey to find new bands as the playlists are developed is a very enjoyable one. I’ve certainly discovered some bands I’d never heard of until this experiment.

To the list for O!

The O list

  • Of Mice & Men—Back to Me
  • Ozzy Osbourne—Crazy Train
  • Opeth—Heart in Hand
  • The Offspring—The Kids Aren’t Alright
  • Our Mirage—The Unknown
  • Overkill—Last Man Standing
  • Onslaught—66’fucking’6
  • Otherwise—Meet me in the Dark
  • Of Virtue—No Control

I’m not sure if I should apologise for the F word in the Onslaught track above. Sorry?! I could have chosen another song. The problem is, I really liked this track! It’s F‘ing awesome.

Anyhow, this isn’t about F. This is the O fortnight. Give it a gO.

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