Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘P’ fortnight

P is for playlist. No, that’s a stupid way to start this entry to the alphabet playlist of metal. I know … Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter P. Nope. I’m pretty sure there’s a children’s television show that has done that before.

It’s the P fortnight because last fortnight was all about the letter O and this is how the alphabet works. Nope, this just isn’t going to get any better. Psorry—the P is silent.

For those of you playing at home, P is the 16th letter of the alphabet (making it the same number in the fortnight count for the year).


We are past the halfway point in this series and the year. It’s flying by. It’s also getting increasingly difficult to put together consistently interesting playlists. Not all alphabet letters are created equally.

I’m already afraid for the letter Z.

But P isn’t a terrible fortnight at all. It’s improving on the offering O provided and giving Q something to aim for. Good luck Q.

Without further reference to the letters of the alphabet in a way that suggests they have personalities and feelings, here is the list for this fortnight. Or is that, phortnight?

The P list

  • Pup—DVP
  • Pop Evil—Trenches
  • Powerman 5000—Supernova Goes Pop
  • Pantera—Cowboys From Hell
  • Pearl Jam—Rearview Mirror
  • Powderfinger—Head Up in the Clouds
  • Program the Dead—Action
  • Pennywise—Revolution
  • The Prodigy—Breathe
  • Parkway Drive—Crushed
  • Project Vela—Blame Me
  • Palisades—Erase the Pain

I checked. It’s definitely not phortnight.

I received a bit of assistance from my ever-engaged work colleagues this fortnight. Program the Dead was a new discovery for me. A pleasantly awesome discovery if I’m going to be honest. The Prodigy was another suggestion. I’d certainly heard of them—I love Breathe and Firestarter—but I probably wouldn’t have thought to include them on my own. Powderfinger was another one of those “Oh yeah! Cool!” moments.

But most people who know me and who knew what this list was all about made the same first suggestion I’d also made.


That Cowboys From Hell intro … damn. Metal as phuck. Best to leave it at that.

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