Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘L’ fortnight

I’m still playing catch-up. Why? Well, I’m slack. Another reason is that I’m easily distracted. My recent blog post about my ten most influential guitar duos for example got me thinking about what a list of my ten most influential bands with one guitarist would look like.

One band from today’s list would absolutely be in such a list. I’ll have to put that list together. Soon. But not before I finish this article.

This entry in the alphabet playlist of metal is fairly diverse if you ask me. It features one of the first heavier bands I discovered in my youth—that would be Led Zeppelin for those playing at home—and features some varying levels of hardness from today’s music world.

The list once again reminds me of that time I was told that I’d grow out of heavy metal music and that it was a phase I’d go through. So far it’s been a pleasant 34 year phase that I hope never ends.

This list is another shorter-than-others list as well. Fewer suggestions from friends and fewer bands I’d already been listening to that start with the letter L.

My Google Play Music and YouTube suggestions were also light-on. Seems to me that there is an untapped opportunity here for metal bands that want to stand out. Perhaps logos are more difficult to create when they start with the letter L.

Seems like a design challenge I’d love to tackle. Anyhow …

The L list

  • Led Zeppelin—Black Dog
  • Limp Bizkit—Break Stuff
  • Linkin Park—Numb
  • Lacuna Coil—Heaven’s a Lie
  • Leaves’ Eyes—Take the Devil in Me
  • Live—Pillar of Davidson
  • Loser—Disposable Sunshine
  • Lamb of God—Walk with Me in Hell
  • Lethal Injektion—The Truth

To be honest, Limp Bizkit was a dfficult choice for me. Not to include or not—that was never going to be an issue for me—but which song to include. I’ve loved their track from that second terrible Mission Impossible movie. Their use of the Mission Impossible theme in the track Take a Look Around is exceptional.

Seeing as how it’s not their original song and that Break Stuff is so iconic, I chose the latter.

The band you’ve most likely not come across before that I strongly recommend you do check out is Loser. This band released one album that I’m aware of and featured John 5 from Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson fame. Some great tracks.

Speaking of Marilyn Manson, those names start with the letter M. M will be next week. Will Marilyn Manson make that list?

He will. See you next week when I hopefully catch up on my fortnights.

3 thoughts on “Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘L’ fortnight

  1. Suggestions for M:
    – Millencolin
    – Modest Mouse
    – Middle Kids
    – Metric

    I’m glad despite not providing suggestions the past few weeks, my favourite band of all time (The Killers) still made the cut on K week!

    1. Thank you (soooo much) for your previous suggestions and for this M list suggestions. I look forward to giving these a good listen. Also, my daughter approves of your favourite band of all time 🙂

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