Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘D’ fortnight

I have so many things to cover in this post. They’re all trivial and will not take long at all. So let’s not beat around the bush and get straight into it. Also, I am going to resist the urge to make any reference to the fact that I’m told a lot of people like the D (list).

First point. I’m late with this post. I took a week off work last week, so I technically had all the time in the world to get this article written. The list existed. I just needed to publish it. Here’s a free tip for everyone reading this … Don’t detox yourself of caffeine while you’re on holiday.

Second point, if your computer is going to shut down every five minutes and you decide to remove the bulk of your bloatware in an attempt to bring the machine back to life, have a plan for generating blog images in something other than Photoshop. I got there, but not using Photoshop is giving me nervous twitches.

Third point, rely less on your work colleagues and more on the recommendations found within the likes of YouTube and Google Play Music. It’s seriously scary how accurate the Google recommendations can be. This fortnight’s list contains a lot of bands I already loved and a fair mix of recommendations based on my musical preferences. So far, I’d put this fortnightly entry up there with the A playlist entry.

I am already certain that some future entries are going to be … blah. But this new plan of scouting for Google recommendations may bring this challenge back to life for me. This fortnight’s listening has been awesome for me. Let’s see if you agree.

The D list

  • Default—I Can’t Win
  • Disturbed—Indestructible
  • Dope—Rebel Yell
  • Dead Letter Circus—Lodestar
  • Dream on Dreamer—Let It In
  • Discrepancies—Not Alone
  • Defences—Gravity
  • dEMOTIONAL—Ashes
  • Dead By April—Warrior
  • Dreamshade—Where My Heart Belongs
  • Dio—Holy Diver

How good is Dio?! I’d forgotten exactly how awesome his solo work was. I remain a huge fan of his Black Sabbath work, but I’ve regained the due respect for his solo work since investigating the options for this playlist.

I know I’ve added another cover to this series with the Dope entry, but I absolutely think they smashed that Billy Idol cover. Their own work is awesome, but I never tire of that cover.

Anyhow, That’s the D list and it’s kept me happy for a week already. Next week, the E list. Stay tuned.

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