Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘E’ fortnight

I knew it would happen at least once in this challenge. A significantly shorter list than I’d have preferred to post. I went through my existing music collection—digital and physical—and still came up short. Maybe there just aren’t that many heavy bands that start with the letter E. That’s an opportunity for someone.

Even using the power of Google’s recommendations in Google Play Music and YouTube, I am starting this post with only seven bands/songs. If I’ve ever needed some good metal suggestions, it’s this fortnight.

Realistically, I’d say there are two songs that I seriously love in this playlist. the others rock—you can’t be here if you don’t—but they’re not entries I’d see myself listening to on constant repeat.

Good thing I’m technically still running behind with this fortnight’s entry. Next week I have a better reason to get back on track.

So, unless I’m about to receive a lot of suggestions for E bands, this list is staying with seven songs in it. Here they are.

The E list

  • Evanescence—Never Go Back
  • Eidola—Tetelestai
  • Elenora—Said the Sapling to the Sun
  • Eskimo Callboy—Shallows
  • Evile—Head of the Demon
  • Epica—Unleashed
  • Ed Kowalczyk—Drink (Everlasting Love)

If you’re not familiar with Never Go Back by Evanescence, you seriously need to check that track out. That song has an epic opening guitar riff. In my opinion, that is Evanescence‘s greatest song.

That’s this fortnight sorted. Fingers crossed for more bands in the F list. F seems like a letter that should generate a lot more rock band names. Let’s see.

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