Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘F’ fortnight

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t surprised that this fortnight’s playlist was easier to put together than the previous fortnight‘s efforts. It’s the letter F after all. This blog post could have almost marketed itself. F‘ing awesome … F Yeah … I could go on forever. Let’s not though.

So many metal and rock bands apparently start with the letter F. That didn’t really shock me, but the quality of the bands that share that first letter did somewhat surprise me. I put the first part of the list together just using natural band recall, but when I investigated suggested bands and similar bands on Google Play Music and YouTube—as I’ve been doing every fortnight—I quickly discovered a lot of seriously cool music from these F bands.

At the end of the day, I certainly have had enough quality music to keep me more than entertained on my drive to and from work. The system continues to work. This may be another fortnight where I get tempted to not move on to the next fortnight’s letter. But who knows what G will bring.

Until then, this list will certainly keep me rocking for another week and a bit to come—I’m several days behind with my blogging as usual at this point in time.

The F list

  • Fuel—Quarter
  • Faith No More—Epic
  • Falling In Reverse—I’m Not a Vampire
  • Filter—Welcome to the Fold
  • Fear Factory—Linchpin
  • Fight or Flight—You Refuse
  • Five Finger Death Punch—Wash it All Away
  • Flyleaf—Again
  • Foo Fighters—New Way Home
  • Fight the Fury—Dominate Me
  • From Ashes to New—Through it All
  • From the Ashes—Get Out
  • Fight Like Sin—Fire Away

That’s perhaps the best alphabet based playlist yet now that I look at it. Letter A has a serious competitor. Game on.

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