Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘C’ fortnight

This fortnight sees me ending what could be called the ABCs of metal and hard rock. If that was my goal, my blog series would be over. But it’s not my goal, so it’s not over. This is just the third entry into my alphabet playlist of music. This, is the C playlist.

When I began this series, I saw it as a way to ensure I blogged consistently. I also expected it to be a challenge to produce enough of a playlist to keep me entertained for a fortnight while I drove myself to and from work. What I didn’t expect was how varied each alphabet letter would be in regards to bands I regularly listened to.

Luckily—depending on your perspective—I’ve had a few people interested in the fortnightly playlist and suggestions have started to come my way to help me add new content to the playlist each fortnight. Sometimes the suggestions are good. Sometimes the suggestions are for bands I’ve never heard of. Sometimes the suggestions are bad.

Either way, I’m listening to new music each time I prepare a new playlist and that was another reason for opening this series up to friends—real and virtual. Sure, I could listen to my favourite bands forever, but other than my Google Play Music suggestions and bands I discover on social media, how am I going to stay current and discover my next favourite band?

I’m hoping this blog series does that for me—open me up to new music. I’m also hoping that this series can help others learn something new from the world of heavy rock and heavy metal. If so, maybe there’s someone in the C playlist you’re about to discover. Maybe there’s someone you notice is missing. If so, let me know.

The C list

  • Creed—Faceless Man
  • Collective Soul—Shine
  • CKY—96 Quite Bitter Beings
  • Coheed and Cambria—Welcome Home
  • Chris Cornell—Follow My Way
  • The Cranberries—Linger
  • Caliban—My Madness
  • The Cult—She Sells Sanctuary
  • Children of Bodom—Morrigan
  • Corrosion of Conformity—Clean My Wounds
  • Chevelle—The Red

If you’ve been reading the previous blog articles from this series—the A playlist and the B playlist—then you may notice this isn’t the first Cranberries song. Technically Badwolves covered what I’d consider to be the most obvious song from the Cranberries. Luckily, this allowed me to include two songs from this band and that makes me happy and crafty—no apologies.

My blog series. My rules. Expect more covers to come!

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