Songs that say “Go!” (at least seven of them if we’re counting)

Well look at that. March is getting closer to ending and I’ve not written anything on this site since the year started. Slack! Lazy! Unmotivated! Well all that changes now because I’ve found a theme in certain rock songs that motivates me. These are the songs where the vocalist chooses the most opportune time to yell something motivational. These are songs that say Go!

It’s not always delivered at the same moment in a song, but the result for me is always the same. It’s the sign to get the fist-pump of awesomeness ready. The scream of approval for the epicness that is about to come. The customary heavy banging of the head. The attempt to thrust your foot through the floor. All of these uncontrollable moments. The band knows it, you know it. The vocalist authenticates it.

These are some of my favourite “Go!” moments. These will surely get me pumped enough to finally get back into the swing of things.

Things being guitar playing, blogging and music-creating on a regular basis. Songs that say “Go!” (at least seven of them if we’re counting)

The ultimate guitar lesson

Back in 2010 I wrote an article for another website of my own which was dedicated to any subject I chose to write about. I guess realistically the theme of that website was no theme. Recently events have unfolded that have reminded me of that article once again. In fact, these events are now the reason I’ve decided to re-post that article’s content here (read on for more). Hopefully you’ll also see why I believe it’s now relevant on this website (dedicated to my ongoing fascination with all things music/guitar related).

Before I share the article, I’ll quickly let you know the events that have brought me here. The ultimate guitar lesson