2016 top five music purchases … the albums I HAD to have

For me, it’s already 2017. For the most part, I’m glad 2016 is over. The entertainment industry suffered some terrible losses last year. But it also provided some impressive moments too. I thought I’d take a moment to remember those moments. For me, the best way to do that is by naming my 2016 top five music purchases.

Let’s have at it.

Metallica—Hardwired … To Self-Destruct

New Metallica. You could almost leave it at that. You know this is going to do well. The fanbase is massive and it’s understandable. I’ve been a fan since discovering Ride the Lightning way-back-when. Hardwired is not like Ride the Lightning, but I don’t really want it to be. No, Hardwired is simply a super-impressive and modern Metallica album. It feels to me like their best work since Load.

Favourite track: Spit out the Bone

Anthrax—For all Kings

I’d been waiting for a new album from Anthrax since their Worship Music release a few years back. That album was epic. For All Kings didn’t disappoint. I remain impressed with all bands from the Big Four. They continue to release amazing albums. Anthrax is doing one of the better jobs too. I’m glad that the bulk of the best Anthrax line-up is working on new material like this. Here’s to years more.

Favourite track: Breathing Lightning

Korn—The Serenity of Suffering

I remember seeing and hearing the video for the track Rotting in Vain and thinking “Damn! If Korn’s new album all sounds like this, it’ll be an awesome release”. In my opinion, the entire album does sound as good as Rotting in Vain—which is to say it’s amazing—and this makes me one very happy Korn fan. I honestly feel like this latest release is up there with their early work when Nu Metal was at its peak. It’s perhaps just missing some bagpipes.

Favourite track: Insane

Lacey Sturm—Life Screams

If you have heard of the band Flyleaf, then you should know Lacey Sturm. Lacey was the original vocalist for that band and her unique styling works perfectly on the Life Screams album. I stumbled upon this release accidentally and well after it was released. But it’s better late than never as the saying goes. There are quite a few great tracks on this album and each has its own styling. Lacey is nothing not versatile. Her ability to go from softly spoken to aggressive screaming is amazing. I hope there is more to come.

Favourite track: Run to You


Megadeth is my favourite band. End of story. I’ve liked every album they’ve released. Some more than others … Sure. But Dystopia was a very welcome return in my opinion. New lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro has a style that in my opinion fits perfectly with the songs Dave Mustaine writes and the drumming by Chris Adler was perfect. I truly hope this new line-up—including new drummer Dirk Verbeuren—have a few more albums left in them. Because if they do and Dystopia is anything to go by, then there’s some awesome heavy metal to come.

Favourite track: The Threat is Real

There you have it. Some of the best music 2016 had on offer for me. I look forward to seeing and hearing what 2017 has on offer. I’m ready. Bring it on.

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