Songs that say “Go!” … the running summary list

I’ve written three articles on this subject so far. The original Songs that say “Go!”, the cleverly titled follow-up More songs that say “Go!” and the genius third article Even more songs that say “Go!”. Well, since putting those articles together, I have amassed over 50 tracks that feature that motivational line/lyric … “Go!”

I figured I may as well keep a running list of all the songs in the list—not just those that have featured in the previous articles with their embedded videos of awesomeness.

I’ll order the tracks alphabetically (by artist name). I’ll also provide a link to one of my articles if that track has a video I’ve embedded. Ready? Let’s Go!

  1. Alpha Wolf—Spirit Breaker
  2. At the Gates—Slaughter of the Soul
  3. Bullet for my Valentine—Your Betrayal
  4. Bullet for my Valentine—Eye of the Storm
  5. Bullet for my Valentine—Army of Noise
  6. Bury Tomorrow—The Agonist
  7. Bury Tomorrow—Voice & Truth
  8. Death Ape Disco—Eclipse
  9. Disturbed—Divide
  10. Electric Six—Naked Pictures (of your Mother)
  11. Fight the Fury—Dominate Me
  12. Five Finger Death Punch—It Doesn’t Matter
  13. Five Finger Death Punch—Hell to Pay
  14. Five Finger Death Punch—Under and Over it
  15. Five Finger Death Punch—War is the Answer
  16. Godsmack—Awake
  17. Godsmack—Eye of the Storm
  18. Iron Maiden—Revelations
  19. Jane’s Addiction—Stop
  20. Kingdom of Hearts—Damaged Goods
  21. Korn—Freak on a Leash
  22. Lamb of God—Ruin
  23. Machine Head—A Thousand Lies
  24. Metallica—Am I Evil?
  25. Metallica—Damage Inc.
  26. Metallica—Hard Wired
  27. Metallica—The Struggle Within
  28. My Chemical Romance—This is how I Disappear
  29. Of Mice & Men—Unbreakable
  30. Of Mice & Men—Mushroom Cloud
  31. Of Mice & Men—Deceiver/Deceived
  32. Slipknot—Before I Forget
  33. Static-X—Chroma-Matic
  34. Static-X—Terminal
  35. Static-X—Get to the Gone
  36. Static-X—Dirthouse
  37. Static-X—Push It
  38. Static-X—I’m With Stupid
  39. Static-X—Sweat of the Bud
  40. Stone Temple Pilots—Down
  41. The Offspring—The Kids Aren’t Alright
  42. Thy Art is Murder—Slaves Beyond Death
  43. Trivium—Ascendancy
  44. Trivium—Throes of Perdition
  45. Trivium—Sever the Hand
  46. Trivium—Brave This Storm
  47. Trivium—What the Dead Men Say
  48. Wage War—Alive
  49. Wage War—The River
  50. Wage War—Witness
  51. Wage War—Deadweight
  52. Wage War—Disdain
  53. Wage War—Who I Am
  54. Wage War—Ghost
  55. Wayne Static—Chrome Nation
  56. While She Sleeps—Feel
  57. While She Sleeps—Civil Isolation

Static-X, Trivium and Wage War certainly love the “Go!” lyric. Honestly? … They’re rather good at it too. 

Want to listen to the entire playlist on Google Play Music? Not a problem. Here’s my list. Go! … enjoy.

Want to watch some of these tracks in video form? Also not a problem. I’ve now created a YouTube playlist for your viewing pleasure. Go!

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