Another 52 Guitars, week 17—B.C. Rich Mockingbird Extreme with Evertune bridge

My true love for metal guitar came along as I lived as a teenager through the 80s. I loved all genres of metal in the 80s, but some of the more memorable bands played the pointiest of pointy guitars and few were pointier than B.C. Rich. As I continue my series of guitars I’d love to purchase—all guitars having something new to add to my collection—the Mockingbird Extreme with Evertune bridge ticks a lot of boxes.

It doesn’t hurt that the guitar just looks amazing.

As usual, I’ll point out that my current collection consists mostly of black and/or white guitars. This guitar therefore starts off with that win in the bag. This is as black as black gets for the most part. There’s a lot of abalone binding throughout this guitar, but I quite like how it has been applied to the guitar’s design. I certainly like that it is consistently added to the body, headstock and fretboard.

So, what else is different on this guitar? What does it have that I don’t already have in a guitar I currently own?

Great question. Here are some answers.

  • Neck-thru body (I really need to experience this!)
  • Evertune F-model bridge
  • Fishman Fluence pickups
  • Killswitch
  • Reversed single side headstock

Then there’s the body shape. Do I own anything like it? I sure don’t. Would I like to? Yes. Yes, I would.

There are quite a few variations of the Mockingbird by B.C. Rich. Some come with tremolos while some with more controls and switches than I’d know what to do with—I am not a lead guitar player. One thing they all seem to have in common is that beautiful body shape and the neck-thru body. That combination plus an Evertune bridge seems to be the perfect setup for me.

Because of my age, I think of guitarists like Lita Ford and Blackie Lawless in the 80s playing B.C. Rich guitars and it brings back great memories. I also think of guitar players like Slash playing a Mockingbird and think “if it’s good enough for them, it sure is good enough for me”. They all seemed to know what they were doing on the guitar.

I am not aware of an official Australian dealer for the B.C. Rich brand, but it seems to me that this guitar currently retails for around $15ooUSD. To me, that’s damn impressive for this quality of hardware. Not included in my list above, but included in this guitar are features such as locking tuners by Grover, locking straplocks, push-pull volume control and a GraphTech nut. Everything about this guitar screams quality.

The body shape, it just screams 🙂

But, don’t just take my written word for it. I’ve discovered a great video review that also praises the Mockingbird Extreme with Evertune bridge. Watch, listen and enjoy.

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