Where do I go from here?

Have you landed here and you’re wondering “what am I doing here?”, “what does this site do/offer?” or “has anybody seen where I left my plectrum?”. Hopefully this quick article can answer some of those questions.

Some. Because, no … I haven’t seen your plectrum.

I have a page dedicated to who is Scarebear that explains a bit about this site’s owner and the history of this website. But that perhaps doesn’t help with the simplest of questions you may have. So, I thought I’d create this handy guide as a way to help you navigate your way around the mayhem. Who knows, it may helps you find something interesting. If not, I’ve at least created the website version of a table of contents.

Let the helpfulness begin!


One of the interests I like to write about—a lot—is my fascination with all-things guitars. Over the years, these articles have ranged from different guitars I’ve come across and drooled over, different guitarists I admire, guitar pedals and a whole lot more. The world of guitars is intense and overwhelming. My interests are as diverse and overwhelming … I assume.

Guitar articles


Whether it’s on an old-school camera—hands up if you remember film—or something from a digital device that captures photographs, I am interested. When I manage to capture a decent image, I like to share it here. I also use Instagram like millions of other people. The images here are the ones I’ve most likely not uploaded anywhere else. Cool, right?

Photography articles

Graphic design

When I’m not playing guitar, taking photographs or working—I sadly have a day job—I like to dabble in graphic/web design. Interestingly—to me at least—graphic/web design is the last career I entered. It’s no longer what I do, but I like to keep myself as up to date as I can.

It’s still 2013, right?

Graphic design articles

That’s it!

Sure, there are tags that narrow down the content further, but this is an overarching approach to helping you find your way around this site. It’s not a big site, but the content is diverse. Hopefully you find something here you like. If not, I still wish you a fine and dandy day.

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