GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

When I last wrote about GuitarTone by Sonoma Wireworks, they had just released an update that allowed you to create a truly unique tone by using twin amplifier speaker/microphone combinations that generated a true stereo sound. I’d also written about my desire to be able to record the awesome GuitarTone sounds—I didn’t want to write GuitarTone tones—into either StudioTrack or FourTrack. That hasn’t happened yet, but the latest release allows you to connect GuitarTone to Audiobus.

That’ll do! GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

StompBox into Meteor Multi Track Recorder

When I got my hands on an iPad, one of the first apps I wanted to try out was StompBox by 4Pockets Audio. I’d seen it in iTunes when I was using the iPhone and admired the way the screenshots replicate the design style I was used to in the PC based VST plugins I had been using (which are often based on the racks and pedalboards of the real world). I was hoping that user interface (UI) would translate into an easy to use application. I wasn’t wrong.

As luck would have it, 4Pockets Audio also made a multitrack recorder—Meteor Multi Track Recorder—which had UI similarities to the PC based DAWs I’d become somewhat familiar with over the last few years. That made this combination seem like a perfect match. Again, I wasn’t wrong.

Surely this couldn’t last. StompBox into Meteor Multi Track Recorder

Eleven DAWs for your iOS device

There are many ways to get awesome tone out of your guitar and into your iOS device. I’ve written about many of those ways on this very site. But what if your guitar playing skills are better than mine and you want to not only experience amazing tone, you want to share it with the entire world using the power of the Interweb? If that sounds like you, chances are you’re going to need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). But which one? How many are there to choose from? Which one is the right one for me? These could be questions you ask yourself as you investigate your DAW options. I know they were the questions I asked myself that lead me to putting this very list together.

By the way, this list features eleven applications. All good guitarists know eleven is simply better than ten. Eleven DAWs for your iOS device