52 Guitars, week 12—Peavey Predator Plus ST

Back when I was a teenager (which is almost two early-teen lifetimes ago) I really wanted a Peavey Bandit 65 amplifier. That amplifier had the most amazing reverb I’d ever heard. These days I get my tone from Fender and Marshall amplification as well as my various iOS simulators. With all of those possibilities I clearly need a massive guitar collection. Well, I wish I had a massive guitar collection. Instead, I have a growing guitar collection wishlist. Which brings me back to Peavey. I want the Peavey Predator Plus ST. It’s now in my wishlist.

The string-through-body approach is one of my favourites for an electric guitar. The stylistic way Peavey has approached that system is one of the drawcards to this model. You can get the Floyd Rose tremolo if you so desire, but why would you? I don’t require an answer to that question by the way.

Both of the humbucker pickups are by Peavey and both are coil tapped so they have the option to become single coil pickups. The controls are simple (like me) and control the volume (master) and tone (master). Combined with the three-way switch, it’s all you need to rock out. Mmmm … simplicity.

Of course as is the case with many a modern guitar, this one comes in multiple colours. As is the case with all imagery on this website however, this guitar is displayed in black and white. It’s not overly obvious with the support image, but the guitar body features binding and I think it looks awesome. A guitar that can feature black and white is simply superior. The unique headstock design is another feature I like. That little cutaway that displays the natural wood colour is a nice design touch. I’ll always appreciate something like that.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar. I have not experienced the sound or feel of this guitar. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

Peavey Predator Plus ST
Peavey Predator Plus ST

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