Custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman

I’ve wanted to get some custom guitar plectrums for quite some time now. I’m not in a band and I’m not famous, but I’ve wanted some all the same. Why? Because thanks to Grover Allman I can! It’s simple when you look at it that way. You can order directly from the Grover Allman website or you can order using their own iPhone app. Either way, you can submit your own artwork and the plectrums are produced for you in no time at all. That’s what I’m hoping for anyhow.

I submitted my own design (It’s a version of the Scarebear logo you can see on this website) and the kind folks at Grover Allman sent me a mockup of the plectrums. You can see my mockup below. It’s clearly awesome.

You don’t have to include the Grover Allman logo on the back of the plectrum, but I like it. It works with my design and makes me look like I’m endorsed (I’m not). I feel like I’m John 5 (without the talent, fan base or good looks).

I’ll post more when I receive the plectrums in a few weeks time. Grover Allman guitar plectrums Grover Allman guitar plectrums

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