Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums

I’ll be honest. I sometimes wonder why I keep this Blog alive. I have less time every day to dedicate to guitar playing let alone writing. Every now and then though, I see something in my email that once again makes my ears raise like evil little horns. Something that makes me pay attention and say “Ooh! Now that looks cool!” The Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums were such attention seeking pieces of awesome.

When I received a package of custom branded Tru Grip plectrums in the mail though … Well that day saw a few guitars receive the play time they’d been screaming for for so long.

I think if guitars screamed louder on their own I’d pay more attention to them. But they don’t. Good thing I got my Tru Grip plectrums then. Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums

Grover Allman launches custom leather guitar straps

Last year I wrote about the custom leather guitar strap I purchased from Grover Allman. Today they officially released them to the masses. That’s you. You can now purchase one of these cool custom guitar straps with just about any design you can imagine printed onto it. Well, you can if you go to the Custom Printed Guitar Strap page of the Grover Allman website. But you’d need a link for that. Oh wait … Grover Allman launches custom leather guitar straps

Custom leather guitar straps from Grover Allman

Last year I ordered some custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman. They are quite honestly awesome. That’s not only my opinion though. I’ve sent a few of these plectrums around the world over the last 12 months and people seem to love them. Just ask Evangelos Koudonas (he used them on his last Bandcamp release). So when I saw Grover Allman’s Instagram post regarding custom guitar straps, I got excited. Then I contacted them and placed an order for a custom guitar strap to match my plectrums. What I’ve received has so far made my day/week/month/year.

I love the smell of good leather.

Custom leather guitar straps from Grover Allman

My custom Grover Allman guitar plectrums

Today is a good day. Not just because it’s Good Friday either. It’s also the day I get to write about the awesome Grover Allman custom plectrums I ordered recently. They arrived in the mail yesterday and came with a handy sticker of the Grover Allman logo—you’ve got to love that logo with its clever reversed plectrums (look at the whitespace between the cross patterns)—and a black Grover Allman wrist band. Personally I’m a big fan of black rubber wrist bands. They don’t damage your guitar while you’re playing hard.

The plectrums themselves? Well, I think they’re awesome! My custom Grover Allman guitar plectrums

Custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman

I’ve wanted to get some custom guitar plectrums for quite some time now. I’m not in a band and I’m not famous, but I’ve wanted some all the same. Why? Because thanks to Grover Allman I can! It’s simple when you look at it that way. You can order directly from the Grover Allman website or you can order using their own iPhone app. Either way, you can submit your own artwork and the plectrums are produced for you in no time at all. That’s what I’m hoping for anyhow. Custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman

Take your pick (plectrum comparisons)

Recently I received a gift pack of TUSQ guitar plectrums from the kind people at Graph Tech. The TUSQ plectrums are made using the same technology/material that Graph Tech has been applying to its saddles and bridges for almost 30 years. This man-made ivory improves the harmonics, vibration control and tone when used in the nut and/or bridge. So I was curious what that would mean when the same material was applied to the guitar plectrum. Take your pick (plectrum comparisons)