Grover Allman launches custom leather guitar straps

Last year I wrote about the custom leather guitar strap I purchased from Grover Allman. Today they officially released them to the masses. That’s you. You can now purchase one of these cool custom guitar straps with just about any design you can imagine printed onto it. Well, you can if you go to the Custom Printed Guitar Strap page of the Grover Allman website. But you’d need a link for that. Oh wait …

The straps are very comfortable. The 3.5″ wide black one is at least. That’s what I have. Beautiful, soft black leather. The straps are long too—if you want them to be. They’re adjustable. Mine is long. I’m from the James Hetfield guitar stance school.

If you didn’t want a 3.5″ wide strap or perhaps don’t like black leather, then you can also get the less cool brown strap and the less impressive 2.5″ strap width. I’m kidding. Cool people also like brown leather that is not as thick as possible.

For $55AUD, these straps are pretty good value (in my opinion). Shipping is extra and prices for the shipping vary depending on your location. Most importantly, the artwork is pretty much up to your imagination. Keep inside the 5.5cm x 40cm artwork guidelines and the rest is easy. As a designer, I do like that the artwork guidelines section of the custom strap page points out that PowerPoint and Word files are not accepted. That’s because they are not design programs.

[end rant]

I love my custom strap. You should get one too. Maybe not a Scarebear strap though. Not that I’d mind. Grover Allman already has that artwork. Then your strap would look like this …

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