Custom leather guitar straps from Grover Allman

Last year I ordered some custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman. They are quite honestly awesome. That’s not only my opinion though. I’ve sent a few of these plectrums around the world over the last 12 months and people seem to love them. Just ask Evangelos Koudonas (he used them on his last Bandcamp release). So when I saw Grover Allman’s Instagram post regarding custom guitar straps, I got excited. Then I contacted them and placed an order for a custom guitar strap to match my plectrums. What I’ve received has so far made my day/week/month/year.

I love the smell of good leather.

My new guitar strap is 3.5 inches wide and goes to 148cm in length (the setting I favour). I obviously chose black leather with white branding. When I say branding, I’m referring to the word in the marketing sense. It’s not branded in the cowboy sense.

It’s printed on using a digital UV process which is long lasting and capable of handling the fine lines in my Scarebear logo. The strap looks seriously cool. You can check out the photos below to see how the strap looks (full colour image also available on Instagram). Obviously on my Moniker Guitars custom Reedsdale (with my Scarebear branding on the neck) this guitar strap looks perfect.

More importantly, this guitar strap is incredibly comfortable. I love the 3.5 inch width on the strap. The leather is also incredibly soft. New leather … I love it. I strongly recommend these custom leather straps. Keep an eye out on the Grover Allman website for when these are officially released.

One other thing I received from Grover Allman was this very cool little wooden box that also included my logo/branding on it. Perfect for putting my custom plectrums in! More pictures below (colour pictures available on my Tumblr site). I don’t believe I’ll lose any plectrums now. So cool.

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