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I’ve written before about Rock Prodigy‘s initial iOS app collection and their PC software option for guitarists wanting to improve their playing skills. They were also kind enough to answer my six scary questions. This company is quite honestly one of my favourite guitar companies. They’re not only creating very cool software, they’re doing it to assist people with their guitar playing skills. There are many levels to their software allowing beginners through to experienced guitarists to learn something new and exciting. What’s not to love there?

More importantly though, they also give away many lessons through their Blog. Kudos to them I say.

I receive email notifications each time a new article is added to their Blog and each time I learn something new. It’s an awesome free resource and I just wanted to let people know about it. Each article may end with a line letting you know that there’s more to learn in their software (because there is), but this Blog is so full of information I believe all new guitarists should check it out. Already they’ve provided free lessons on the following:

That’s an impressive list of free online lessons. And they’re impressive lessons too. Much more detailed and informed than anything you’ll find on this website. Go check them out. Tell them I said “Hi!

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