The Scarebear plectrum map

I’ve made a few friends on social networks like Twitter and a few of those friends have commented on my custom Scarebear plectrums from Grover Allman. Is a few of a few one or two? Either way, I’ve mailed several plectrums to people from all over the place. Several must be more than a few because I know I’ve sent more than three plectrums. To prove my point, I made myself a plectrum themed map of the Earth with placeholders for the locations I’ve mailed plectrums to.

All those lucky people with Scarebear plectrums.

As you can see from the image below, I’ve mailed plectrums to Europe, Australia and the United States of America. Clearly I need to mail some plectrums to Asia, Africa and South America. I need to diversify my social media reach it seems. Oh well. Time will tell if the map changes. If it does, I’ll tell my wife I’m a worldwide sensation. Not that it would be real or that she’d believe me.

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