Rock Prodigy—awesome Blog content

I’ve written before about Rock Prodigy‘s initial iOS app collection and their PC software option for guitarists wanting to improve their playing skills. They were also kind enough to answer my six scary questions. This company is quite honestly one of my favourite guitar companies. They’re not only creating very cool software, they’re doing it to assist people with their guitar playing skills. There are many levels to their software allowing beginners through to experienced guitarists to learn something new and exciting. What’s not to love there?

More importantly though, they also give away many lessons through their Blog. Kudos to them I say. Rock Prodigy—awesome Blog content

Six scary questions—Rock Prodigy

I decided recently that it would be a good idea to start a new article series where I interview people from the world of guitars and/or iOS development. One of the first companies I thought of was Rock Prodigy as they cover both fields. Luckily for me, they agreed to be the first company I questioned. I am very grateful for that.

The format of this article series is simple. I ask six scary questions and one not-scary question. None of the questions are really scary questions. They’re just questions that I—Scarebear—really wanted answers to. The last question I imagine everyone wants to know the answer to.

So, without further ado … Six scary questions—Rock Prodigy

Rock Prodigy released for Windows (plus a Fender giveaway)

The Rock Prodigy team who brought us the awesome iOS apps Rock Prodigy, The Offspring: Rock Prodigy and Dave Mustaine: Rock Prodigy, have now released Rock Prodigy for Windows. The new system includes lessons from guitar teachers professionally trained at Musicians Institute. The lessons themselves are broken up into four courses which can be purchased individually or in one of two packages.

Right now though, you can get up to 70% off thanks to the kind folks at Fender. If that’s not enough, you can also enter a draw to win a Fender DG-8S Acoustic Pack. Rock Prodigy released for Windows (plus a Fender giveaway)