Six scary questions—Moniker Guitars

Today I am very pleased to say that I have six awesome responses to six scary (they’re not really) questions I put to the talented folks at Moniker Guitars. If you haven’t heard of Moniker Guitars then you’re either on the wrong website right now, have never read anything I’ve written here, never seen my Instagram posts or simply require some edumacation (real word). Never fear dear reader, I’m here for you.

Moniker Guitars simply make the greatest customised guitars this side of anything. Yes, anything. They made my Scarebear Reedsdale in 2013. I’m hoping they’ll one day make me another guitar. I probably need to talk to my wife about that at some stage. Who knows, they could make your next guitar. To help you find out out more about them and their skills, read on as Kevin Tully from Moniker Guitars provides answers.

You may just enjoy yourself.

Six scary questions—Moniker Guitars

Online guitar related shopping experiences—the good and the bad

Last month, Mick from the Guitarist Guild forums posted a thread asking what experiences people had to share regarding online purchases (related to guitar gear). I shared my list of mostly good experiences and thought I’d expand upon that here. Why? Because although the experiences have been mostly good—actually, very good—there is that one bad experience I’d like to get out there and finally move on from. That experience is the Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro guitar that never happened and left me out-of-pocket $625USD. Online guitar related shopping experiences—the good and the bad

Custom leather guitar straps from Grover Allman

Last year I ordered some custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman. They are quite honestly awesome. That’s not only my opinion though. I’ve sent a few of these plectrums around the world over the last 12 months and people seem to love them. Just ask Evangelos Koudonas (he used them on his last Bandcamp release). So when I saw Grover Allman’s Instagram post regarding custom guitar straps, I got excited. Then I contacted them and placed an order for a custom guitar strap to match my plectrums. What I’ve received has so far made my day/week/month/year.

I love the smell of good leather.

Custom leather guitar straps from Grover Allman

Rise—my entry in the Pro Tone Pedals Winter Riff Wreckage contest

Did you know there is a Pro Tone Pedals Winter Riff Wreckage contest going on right now? Well, there is. I know because I decided to enter (plus I like to keep up to date with all-things Pro Tone Pedals on account of my awesome Skumstortion pedal). Anyhow, you’re probably wondering how terrible my entry is. Never fear! My entry (also embedded at the end of this article) is terrible in playing ability, but awesome in tone. I’m hoping that helps me win the third prize of kudos.

Regardless of the outcome, you can learn how I made my recording by continuing to read this article. Rise—my entry in the Pro Tone Pedals Winter Riff Wreckage contest

The Moniker Guitars ‘Scarebear’ spiral Reedsdale

I’ve written about them a few times now, but I can honestly say Moniker Guitars deliver what they promise. When I last mentioned them, I referenced the guitar I had ordered. Well that guitar has arrived and I couldn’t be happier. My custom Reedsdale is just awesome. This guitar is without a doubt the best out-of-the-case setup I’ve ever experienced. The action is low, fret buzz doesn’t exist and the amplified sound is just awesome. The Moniker Guitars ‘Scarebear’ spiral Reedsdale

My Moniker Guitars journey begins

Regular readers of this website would have heard me mention Moniker Guitars this year. They were the the fourth guitar in my 52 Guitars series and I also stated back in March that they would build my next guitar after I won their Ugly Guitar contest. I also mentioned Moniker Guitars when they had their Kickstarter campaign going. I pledged to purchase the custom guitar pedal (Hype Box) they were building with the intention of ordering my custom guitar from Moniker Guitars in time to have it delivered at the same time as my Hype Box pedal. Well guess what? That time is now. I have begun the official journey and my Moniker Guitars custom Reedsdale Solid is underway. I am surely months away from what will be a difficult time for my family as I refuse to leave my guitar room. My Moniker Guitars journey begins