The Moniker Guitars ‘Scarebear’ spiral Reedsdale

I’ve written about them a few times now, but I can honestly say Moniker Guitars deliver what they promise. When I last mentioned them, I referenced the guitar I had ordered. Well that guitar has arrived and I couldn’t be happier. My custom Reedsdale is just awesome. This guitar is without a doubt the best out-of-the-case setup I’ve ever experienced. The action is low, fret buzz doesn’t exist and the amplified sound is just awesome.

For the uninitiated, here is the list of specs for the guitar I ordered.

  • Reedsdale body (Alder) with white paint
  • Maple C-shape neck (22 frets) with black inlays
  • White headstock with a 13 degree angle to improve string tension
  • Black hardware and mounting rings
  • Seymour Duncan Distortion SH-6 in the bridge position
  • Seymour Duncan Jazz (white) in the neck position
  • Black dome knobs with white pearl tops
  • Schaller Da Vinci tuners (black)
  • D’Addario XL nickel wound 10-46 strings
  • Custom graphics.

I am still proud of that combination of components. I have to say they work well. I’ll hopefully share a decent video of the guitar one day soon so you can see and hear it in action. Actually, you can see the guitar in a video I made for a StompBox competition by 4 Pockets Audio.

I did mention the reasoning behind my custom design in my previous article, but I just wanted to highlight again that this design is my spin on a well-known design. Plus, I wanted to get that pun in writing.

Ever planned a guitar design around a pun you created? I have!

If you haven’t seen the guitar yet, I’ve included some black and white snapshots below. Finally, you can see some of the photographs I took of the guitar the day after I received it on my Tumblr site. I played a heck of a lot of guitar that day. Actually, I’ve played a lot of guitar since receiving my Moniker Guitar. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Would I go back for another Moniker Guitar? Yes I would. If I could. They are no more.

2 thoughts on “The Moniker Guitars ‘Scarebear’ spiral Reedsdale

  1. I own two monikers. The first one was my “really, I can actually have my own custom graphics and stuff?” Dixie model which I affectionately dubbed the “Bernardocaster”. The second was a spin on Buddy Guy’s polka dot guitar but imagine you’re pretty drunk when you’re looking at it. Kevin, Dave and all the guys at Moniker are great to work with and truly put out a very very fine product. My custom Dixies are two of the finest guitars I’ve ever owned, hands down. I’ve had a Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson SG, Rickenbacker 330 and several Fendar “American” Strats in my collection over the years and I would take my Monikers over those guitars any day of the week.

    1. I love the Bernardocaster! I remember seeing the polka dot guitar on Moniker Guitars Instagram account too. Very nice! I agree with you regarding build and overall guitar value/quality. I’ve got a higher-end Epiphone, Fender Strat and a damn fine Jackson. I put my Moniker Guitar up there with them at least! I hope to get another one. Perhaps a Zuma!

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