My custom Grover Allman guitar plectrums

Today is a good day. Not just because it’s Good Friday either. It’s also the day I get to write about the awesome Grover Allman custom plectrums I ordered recently. They arrived in the mail yesterday and came with a handy sticker of the Grover Allman logo—you’ve got to love that logo with its clever reversed plectrums (look at the whitespace between the cross patterns)—and a black Grover Allman wrist band. Personally I’m a big fan of black rubber wrist bands. They don’t damage your guitar while you’re playing hard.

The plectrums themselves? Well, I think they’re awesome!

The printing on each plectrum is amazingly clear. The logo is rather fine in parts but the logo renders perfectly on the plectrum. I sent the fine folks at Grover Allman my artwork and ordered the plectrums through their website. My plectrums are Classic Picks with a single colour print on one side and the Grover Allman logo printed in a single colour on the other side. I will point out that the Grover Allman logo is not mandatory. It’s the option I chose though. I’m proud to have Grover Allman plectrums and I feel like I’m sponsored now (I’m not).

I went for the ISO plectrum shape in the Delrinex range as I have slippery/clumsy fingers. I have the medium (0.8mm) gauge which will hopefully have me wearing these out at a very slow rate. Either way, at the price I paid for 100 plectrums, these are cheaper than many store bought plectrums. They’re also a heck of a lot cooler! If they’re good enough for John 5, I figure they’re more than good enough for me.

Enjoy the following pic(k)s!

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