Steve Case’s latest EP—artwork by me

Recently I was given the opportunity to design the artwork (including the disc, jewel case and 16 page booklet) of Steve Case‘s latest EP Somewhere Where I’m Not. I worked to Steve’s creative brief—combine the effect types often seen in apps like Instagram with something more artistic for the cover—and was lucky enough to be able to use some of my favourite iPhone and iPad image enhancing apps in the process. The apps I used were ToonPAINT (for iPhone) and PhotoToaster (for iPad). The ToonPAINT app was used to create the CD and booklet cover image (which you can see in the iTunes store).

Woo hoo! I have designed something you can get through iTunes!

The project involved incorporating more than one design style into several pieces that ended up looking like a complete package. To add to the challenge, I needed to incorporate two other pieces into that package—an information sheet and a poster. Here’s the rundown on all of the individual design pieces:

  • CD
  • CD jewel case insert
  • CD 16 page booklet
  • A4 2pp information sheet (to be included with selected CDs)
  • A4 touring poster.

Selected samples have been included below. I have of course stripped them of all their colour (as is the case for all articles on this website).

It was a fun challenge. One I enjoyed immensely. What helped make the whole process more enjoyable was the music.

Steve Case’s music reminds me of the classic folk music I grew up listening to with my father. Good old fashioned country/folk music with just the right balance of guitar and vocals. If you like the kind of music people used to make before technology made it easy to remove all flaws and imperfections, check out Somewhere Where I’m Not. If you do, you’ll get some quality music and some of my artwork. Win-win right?!

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