Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums

I’ll be honest. I sometimes wonder why I keep this Blog alive. I have less time every day to dedicate to guitar playing let alone writing. Every now and then though, I see something in my email that once again makes my ears raise like evil little horns. Something that makes me pay attention and say “Ooh! Now that looks cool!” The Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums were such attention seeking pieces of awesome.

When I received a package of custom branded Tru Grip plectrums in the mail though … Well that day saw a few guitars receive the play time they’d been screaming for for so long.

I think if guitars screamed louder on their own I’d pay more attention to them. But they don’t. Good thing I got my Tru Grip plectrums then.

What makes the Tru Grip plectrums so special? Well the name does give it away really. These plectrums have a feature that adds to their increased grip. I want to say gripability but I’m pretty sure it’s not a word. Who cares?! Tru Grip plectrums have increased gripability and I love them.

As I mentioned a bit earlier, I received my own custom branded Tru Grip plectrums. If you like using branded plectrums, you now have another option to choose from. Me, I love branded plectrums. I collect them. I also have my own that I previously purchased from Grover Allman. I love those plectrums and have sent quite a few to friends around the world. I even know that one plectrum was used on the recording of an album (thank you Evangelos). Cool right?!

Anyhow, the Tru Grip technology is added to the plectrum after the branding/printing is done. That makes the options pretty limitless when you consider the options you already have when ordering from Grover Allman. Pick a colour. Pick your design. Pick your plectrum shape. Add some Tru Grip and play for ages.

The Tru Grip system is essentially a collection of tiny spikes that increase gripability—I’m sticking with this—by giving your fingers something to hold onto. Grip basically. They look like something Spider-Man would use to climb a building with. The advantage is you don’t have to rely on freakish skin implants for this. The grip is added to the plectrum. Much easier!

Prices currently range from $9.50 for one plectrum to 60c for 200 plectrums (single sided printing). You can also order a Grover Allman sample pack which will include a Tru Grip plectrum. I’d grab that while you can. It’s a bargain at $7.95. Those are Australian dollars by the way. Handy … I’m in Australia.

Take a look at my plectrums below. I love them. You’d love them. You should try one out. I’m glad I did. They motivated me to get back into the swing of things once again. Win-win.

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