Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums

I’ll be honest. I sometimes wonder why I keep this Blog alive. I have less time every day to dedicate to guitar playing let alone writing. Every now and then though, I see something in my email that once again makes my ears raise like evil little horns. Something that makes me pay attention and say “Ooh! Now that looks cool!” The Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums were such attention seeking pieces of awesome.

When I received a package of custom branded Tru Grip plectrums in the mail though … Well that day saw a few guitars receive the play time they’d been screaming for for so long.

I think if guitars screamed louder on their own I’d pay more attention to them. But they don’t. Good thing I got my Tru Grip plectrums then. Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums