The 52 articles series

If you’ve been to this website more than once and you’ve been coming here for a few years, then you may have seen the odd 52 guitars or 52 amplifiers article. I don’t mean odd as in peculiar by the way. Although they could be. I have a bad habit of just writing the first thing that comes to mind. A bit like now really. If you have no idea what I’m talking about right now, but think you may come back again one day, then today may be your lucky day. You could suggest what the next 52 articles series is all about.

Awesome right? And confusing.

The way it works is I write an article each week sticking to a theme. The theme is always guitar related. Each week the guitar equipment I write about must come from a different manufacturer. For the last two years the theme has also included one other constant—I have no access to the gear I write about. So I’m simply researching online, watching, listening and observing. I then write about what I like. Simple! The process, not me.

Next year I could mix it up a bit and write about 52 different plectrum manufacturers and their products. That could happen. I could actually test those items out each week and write about something I’ve actually experienced. I can afford 52 plectrums during a 52 week period. My wife would allow that. 52 effect pedals however could be trickier. Unless 52 pedal manufacturers want to mail me a pedal to try out. I’d gladly make video reviews if that were to happen. I’m sure I could work out how to improve my video skills by next year.

Perhaps you—the person reading this and possibly future articles on this website—would rather read about something else though. Perhaps you don’t even care for the 52 articles series. Perhaps you just want to read about things in the guitar world as they happen (and I learn about them). Perhaps you’re here by mistake. That’s all good. Even then you can leave a comment below and make a suggestion.

I look forward to seeing what those who comment decide. The results could make my mind up for me. Let’s see what happens in 2015.

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