52 Guitars, week 3—Dreamer D-Pro

I only recently stumbled upon the Dreamer Guitarworks range when Twitter suggested I might like to follow them. It seems the people I am likely to follow on Twitter are fairly predictable (when it comes to the subject matter they’re likely to send my way). If I continue to find guitars like the Dreamer D-Pro through Twitter, I am happy to have predicatable tastes. My predictability based happiness can be explained several ways. Here are some of them in list format.

  • The Dreamer D-Pro is one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen.
  • The aesthetics of the Dreamer D-Pro are outstanding.
  • The options that you get when ordering your own Dreamer D-Pro are excellent.
  • The guitar is primarily white and black (I am such a big fan of that).

Those list items are why I’m happy Twitter pointed me to Dreamer Guitarworks (which led to me finding the Dreamer D-Pro). Let me explain the other reasons I in love with this model in particular.

Now there’s a phrase I haven’t used since explaining to my wife why Cindy Crawford is the greatest supermodel of all time …

If you check the official page for the Dreamer D-Pro you’ll notice many full-colour images of the guitar. They’re all beautifully taken and show the incredible detail that has gone into this guitar. Have a look for yourself and see how the tremolo bridge sits in the guitar body perfectly. Check out how amazing the solid white humbucking pickups look (they’re incredibly amazing). Be blown away by the headstock shape. Admire the twin-striped maple and Brazilian mahogany neck. I could go on … But I’ll wind this up.

Perhaps the best way to sum up how perfectly this guitar has been designed is by pointing out the simple fact that the reversed side of the body does not need a cover for the tremolo bridge recess. Even that part of the guitar is finished to perfection. So much so, a cover would hide the perfection. This guitar just looks perfect to me.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar. I have not experienced the sound or feel of this guitar. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

Dreamer D-Pro
Dreamer D-Pro

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  1. Celso Freire, Dreamer’s owner and Luthier, is not only an amazing artisan but terrific person to be around.

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