SixString—the social network app for guitarists

I recently discovered the social network (and iPhone app) SixString. It’s a neat little app with what looks to be a fast growing network of people signing up to share their love for the awesomeness of guitar. I’ve not been there long, but I’ve already discovered some great guitar based imagery, video, audio and general commentary.

The app itself allows you to upload photographs, video, audio recordings or straight text messages to your own feed. This gets posted to the service’s main feed for all to see, applaud (a better form of liking something) and/or comment on. The audio component of the app is simple and easy to use. You simply choose the Audio option from your Play menu and then hit the record button. You now have 45 seconds to capture an audio sample of your guitar playing fit for sharing. The video and image options allow you to capture from your iPhone or upload from your own iPhone Photos galleries (for images) or from YouTube (for video). If you’re after some constructive feedback on your work from people who share your passion for guitars, this app gives you plenty of ways to get some.

As this is a social network you can of course choose fan somebody (follow them) so you have a more focused news feed to check on each time you’re in the app. It’s also a great way to find people who perhaps share the same interests you do in the multi-genre world of guitar.

The best part for me though is that the app/network developers are currently sending out free SixString guitar plectrums to new users who sign up and request the plectrums. I got mine quickly! They’re awesome. If you can, you should get some.

See you there.

SixString welcome pack
SixString welcome pack

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