Another 52 Guitars, week 2—Manson Guitar Works MA EVO 2019

Week two of the new series—cleverly called Another 52 Guitars because I’ve already done a series called 52 Guitars—and I’m almost working in real time. It’s technically the beginning of the third week of the year, but I don’t follow the rules of the standard calendar.

That’s a good thing though. It allows me to do things like include a 2019 guitar in my 2020 series simply because this guitar looks awesome and I’d be as proud as a Manson Guitar Works artist to own one. The model I’ve decided I admire the most is the MA EVO 2019.

Let’s quickly point out the obvious draw cards for those who already know me.

  • It’s incredibly black from headstock to tail.
  • It has a Telecaster feel to it.
  • Its pickups are humbuckers.

Yes indeedy. This guitar seems built to rock. As I’m a metal head from way back—that’s the 1980s for those playing at home—this guitar ticks a lot of boxes for me. Another list I like to point out from time to time is the collection of new features this guitar would bring to my existing guitar collection. That list looks like this with the MA EVO 2019.

  • Ebony fretboard with no inlays
  • Dry satin black finish (black I’ve got in spades, matt though … Mmmmm, new)
  • Kill switch

Another thing I really like about this offering from Manson Guitar Works is the way you can customise it to your own liking. Want a killswitch button instead of a switch? Done. Want to use the custom Manson machine heads that allow you to essentially dial in your tuning instead of winding? Upgrade. It’s a cool way to order a new guitar that is certain to suit your own needs.

The guitar does come in other colour options, but clearly the black option is the winner. The complete accessory list is impressive on this particular model. It’s not as complex as some of the more electronic-heavy models the EVO is available with, but it’s the prefect combination of quality and core guitar features that I’d be able to plug in and rock with.

The MA EVO 2019 is a sexy guitar. I’d kill(switch) for one.

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