Another 52 Guitars, week 3—Schwung Crossover ivory Shark

One of the main things I like about this week’s guitar is that if I created a custom design with Schwung Guitars—which is something they allow anybody to do—this is insanely close to what I’d choose. The Schwung Crossover ivory Shark is basically the perfect Schwung guitar for me.

There is a dedicated page on the Schwung Guitars website for custom Schwung configurations and on that page, I’d easily choose the white body colour, black shark pickguard design and humbucker/P90-style pickup combination. Including the Seymour Duncan P-Rail in the bridge position is just a genius touch. The pickup combination is one I don’t currently have in my arsenal and I’d gladly add it.

If I’m not mistaken, this guitar includes a switch to allow you to get a few different sound styles when the P-Rail is the active pickup.

Another exciting feature I believe this guitar has—it’s not mentioned in the guitar description, but does appear to be visible in the promotional images—is an on-board guitar tuning system. I assume it’s the N-Tune system that Guitar World once made a video about.

That explains the N-Tune. But it’s not the correct guitar. To see and hear the correct guitar, you’ll want to watch this video.

Nice, right? I’ll also point out that this guitar has one other feature I’m yet to include in my own guitar collection. The 4+2 headstock design.

The elements of this guitar that I already have in my current guitars that I love include:

  • Solid bridge (no tremolo)
  • Single volume knob
  • Single tone knob
  • Three-way pickup selector
  • 24 frets.

There’s clearly quite a lot to like about this guitar. It ticks a lot of boxes and should make itself suitable for multiple playing genres and styles. I know I’d love to give one a go.

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