Another 52 Guitars, week 4—Harmony Guitars Silhouette

This week’s entry continues several trends that I’ve started this year’s article series with. Those trends include; features I don’t currently own in any guitars myself, brands possibly not at the forefront of your mind when you think of mainstream guitar manufacturers and tardiness.

I hope to improve on my tardiness issue in these weekly articles. Everything else I hope to stick with for the majority of the year.

This week’s featured guitar of desire is the Harmony Guitars Silhouette. The guitar comes in a few different colours. I’d obviously choose the pearl white option. It’s simply beautiful.

So, what do I like that I don’t already have in a guitar I own? That’s easy. Those features would be:

  • Twin mini-humbucker pickups
  • Custom half-bridge with three saddles
  • Pickup selector on the bottom cutaway
  • Cupcake knobs
  • That sexy guitar body shape.

That last one is one I like a lot. The shape is so smooth and comfortable in appearance. Watching people play the guitar in YouTube videos convinces me further that the guitar would be a comfortable one to play. There are several videos to get lost in and they all seem to be of people enjoying themselves while playing the guitar.

There’s a good video on the Harmony Guitars website, but another I liked was the one I’ve embedded below.

What I like the most about this video is that it shows the clean and overdriven opportunities of the guitar. As someone who mostly plays overdriven or distorted guitar, it’s good to hear how a guitar that doesn’t have a stereotypical dual humbucker guitar is going to sound.

I think it sounds just fine.

The ebony fretboard looks awesome in contrast to the pearl white finish I’d choose from this guitar range. The neck looks to just meld perfectly with what appears to be a black middle layer on the scratch plate.

It’s a design thing. I love it.

Another guitar to add to this year’s wish list. It’s a sexy addition.

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