Another 52 Guitars, week 5—LT Custom Guitars ‘JM’

The problem with trying to write weekly blog posts about different guitars I’d love to own is that I spend so much time looking at the guitars, I leave myself little time to do the actual writing. This week—which should have been about two weeks ago—I’ve found myself looking at all the beautiful guitars that LT Custom Guitars has created.

Now it’s time to write about one of their models that I’d love to see more of—the ‘JM’.

Before mentioning what I love about the ‘JM’, I thought I’d showcase the problems I’ve been having with my focus. This video below isn’t for the ‘JM’, but is for a Classic ‘T’ model that LT Custom Guitars also created. The video shows the quality control that goes into these guitars and the sounds that come from a well-built electric guitar.

Feel free to play, listen and keep reading. Or watch, then keep reading afterwards if you’re not a multi-tasker—clearly a problem I have.

Having watched and/or listened to that, imagine the same quality and attention to detail going into Jaguar-styled guitar build. Imagine however if the headstock was not that oversized option you often see on a standard Jaguar build. Now you’ve got the ‘JM’.

Looking at the model on the official LT Custom Guitars website, I am a big fan of the single humbucker pickup approach. Built to rock and I love that. The black and red combo appeals to me too—red being the only colour I have in my own guitar space.

The way the wood grain shines through that neck is a thing of beauty as well. When you look through the gallery on the the LT Custom Guitars website, you see how much appreciation these guitars have for the quality of wood that goes into them.

The ‘JM’ comes with a selection of body, neck and fretboard wood options to choose from. The same is true for a lot of the individual components in this guitar model. There are some things that are seemingly consistent with all ‘JM’ builds though. Those would be:

  • 12″ fingerboard radius
  • 25.5″ scale length
  • 22 frets
  • Medium fret wire
  • Genuine CTS 300K Potentiometers
  • Gotoh machine heads

Otherwise, it’s options central. A mountain of options that once again distracts me and hinders my ability to focus on writing.

If I was to attempt to combine my thought process with my writing, it would look like this currently …

White body ‘JM’, no scratchplate, all black hardware, same neck as the current model on the LT Custom Guitars website—borrowed for this article’s header image—single humbucker in the bridge position, volume control only … Yum.

That’s what I’d build. The ‘JM’ is the guitar I’ve decided I’d love to own this week. LT Custom Guitars is responsible for this article’s delay. Too much choice—check the LT Custom Guitars Instagram to see what I mean. Beautiful stuff.

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