Another 52 Guitars, week 12—Prestige Guitars DC Coupe Ace MB

Here’s a quick recap for those who may be new to this site and/or new to this series. I love guitars—I may have a few of my own already—and I love looking into guitars that I don’t own, but would love to own. Back in 2013 I did my first series of 52 Guitars—52 different guitars by 52 different guitar manufacturers—and by that year’s end I’d bought one of the guitars in my wish list.

This year I’m revisiting the series concept and if all goes to plan, I may end up buying a new guitar from this year’s wish list. Perhaps it would be this week’s entry, the DC Coupe Ace MB by Prestige Guitars.

I really wish I’d revisited this series back in 2018 though. Then I could have found a reason to visit Prestige Guitars while I was holidaying in Canada. I’m sure my wife would have been OK with “Oh, on our way to Grouse Mountain, I just need to make a quick stop to get a new guitar”. Yeah, that would have been fine!

Anyhow, it’s probably time to start mentioning and listing the reasons the DC Coupe Ace MB is this week’s dream guitar. First, the obvious (for those who already know me at least). The guitar is black. The guitar is no-nonsense with a single humbucker pickup in the bridge position—for rocking out. The guitar is aesthetically pleasing.

Lots of wins already.

I’m also looking for things I don’t already have in my collection. The DC Coupe Ace MB ticks many boxes there as well. A TV Jones Classic Plus pickup is something I’m yet to own or otherwise experience. But it’s a pickup brand I’ve certainly heard a lot of good things about. The wraparound bridge is something I’ve yet to experience as well. Sure, I could try the technique on an existing guitar bridge, but this bridge is specifically made for this and is still intonatable.

My text editor suggests intonatable isn’t a real word, but we guitar folk know better.

Otherwise, this guitar has a short but sweet list of outstanding features.

  • Grover 18:1 tuners
  • TUSQ nut
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Solid mahogany body
  • Carved maple solid top
  • Offset mother of pearl fretboard inlays.

I love the visual appeal of offset inlays. It’s something I’m yet to acquire though. Yet.

Finally, there’s the sound. Across several styles, the DC Coupe Ace MB has it covered.

Obviously I’d love to put the guitar through some metal tests. Mostly because I feel the guitar would handle it well. Also, because it’s pretty much all I play.

For now, I’ll continue to dream and try and work out a way to one day revisit the lovely land of Canada. Guitars make for good travel excuses I find. Fingers crossed.

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