52 Amplifier Heads, week 2—VOX Lil’ Night Train

Up until very recently I associated the words Night Train (when used together) with the Guns N’ Roses track or the Harley-Davidson model of the same name. After looking into the VOX Lil’ Night Train though, I may have a new favourite association.

There are a few YouTube videos that highlight the sounds and features of this little lil’ amplifier and this video in particular shows you quickly how the tones vary between the Bright and Thick settings. All in a tiny 2 watt head. Awesome. One of the things I like about this head is that it comes with a matching speaker cabinet. The head also includes a line-out so you can either plug your headphones in or connect straight to your recording setup. An awesome lil’ feature within this feature is the way this output contains a cabinet simulator so no matter what you plug into, you keep the tones you would hear through the included speaker cabinet.

So, features …

  • Two 12AX7 preamp vacuum tubes and one 12AU7 power tube
  • Controls for Gain, Treble, Bass and Volume
  • Switch for Bright and Thick
  • Headphone/line-out jack

Impressive lil’ thing isn’t it? It’s not a feature as such, but I love the all-over chrome finish. What is a feature however, is the Bright/Thick switch. The Bright tone activates the EQ and boosts the high frequencies while the Thick tone bypasses the EQ and boosts the gain.

As mentioned above, this head comes complete with a speaker cabinet. That cabinet (the V110NT) has a ten inch custom Celestion VX10 speaker inside. So, all things said and done, this seems to be a lil’ package with a big sound.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played through this head. I have not experienced the sound or tone of this head other than through video. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

VOX Lil’ Night Train
VOX Lil’ Night Train

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