52 pedals, week 49—Mojo Hand FX Dewdrop Reverb

Well I guess not all of my final pedal entries for the 52 Pedals series need to be overdrive or distortion pedals. No, sometimes I like to add other effects to my overdrive and distortion effects. But even if you’re not as addicted to the metal as I am, a damn good reverb sound can be an impressive addition to your sound palette.

It sounds fancy when you say it like that. The Mojo Hand FX Dewdrop Reverb looks and sounds fancy to me. I could see myself loving it.

Reverb can be dangerous in my hands. Once I turn it on I get addicted to it. I often find myself cranking it up while saying “More reverb! More echo! Make me sound like I’m in the world’s largest fish bowl!” It’s just a beautiful sound. So it’s important that your reverb is awesome. Otherwise you have nothing but varied levels of … meh.

The Dewdrop sounds to me like it’s got all levels of reverb handled nicely and it works clean and distorted. You can hear quite a few different setting options in the video below. It’s under a few more words that I feel the need to still write.

The Dewdrop features a Tone knob—so you can have bright or dull reverb tones—as well as Mix and Dwell knobs so you can control how wet your reverb gets and how much of it you let loose. Watch in that video I mentioned above.

This article is very directional today!

Nice right? Not really a question worth answering, but I do have a comments facility on this site. I may as well ask the occasional question.

I will be honest. I’d love to use this pedal with my Randall RD5 amplifier. That distortion, this reverb … Awesome. It’s a simple pedal, but reverb isn’t overly complicated. You like it or you don’t. I do. I want this one.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar pedal. I have not experienced first-hand the sound or effects of this guitar pedal. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

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