Another 52 Guitars, week 13—Solar Guitars A1.6C Carbon Matte Black

That’s quite the article title isn’t it?! Seems fair, the A1.6C Carbon Matte Black by Solar Guitars is quite an awesome looking guitar. This guitar ticks more boxes than most when it comes to the checklist of features I don’t currently have in a guitar.

Let’s see what those features are shall we?

You’re still reading, so I believe the answer is “We shall!” Good for you. Good for us all.

Just before I get the list of features I don’t yet own in a guitar, a quick list of features I do have and already love.

  • It’s black
  • It has humbuckery goodness (humbuckery is a great word)
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Super strat body styling
  • Five way pickup selector (with humbuckers, this excites me)

That’s already awesome. But the features that I’m really keen to know more about are:

  • Evertune F-type bridge
  • Duncan Solar pickups (I assume these are like Duncan Designed pickups)
  • Reversed headstock
  • Carbon matte body finish
  • No position markers dots and only the Solar Guitars fret inlays around the 12th fret
  • Those high fret body cutaways

I’m not a lead guitarist. I’ve mentioned it before. But damn, this guitar would tempt me to give some lead guitar action a try. The guitar screams “Bring it on. Bring all that you’ve got!”

There’s a video on the official Solar Guitars website for this model—currently with a weird two minutes of black silence at the end of the video—which makes the guitar sound amazing. I managed to also find a video of the guitar made by someone whose brother owns the guitar.

And, it still sounds amazing. The benefit of this video is it shows how the pickups are split with the five-way pickup selector.

There you have it. Another week, another dream guitar. If the Australian dollar becomes stronger against the US dollar later in the year, this will be very tempting for me.

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