Another 52 Guitars, week 30—LSL Instruments Topanga

I’ve been realising lately that even though I have a guitar collection that is 87.5% black or white—I’ve done the math—I have a lot of red in my Instagram feed. So, if my guitar room is going to feature red, why not consider a guitar that is also red?!

That’s one of the many reasons I’m focusing on the LSL Instruments Topanga guitar this week. It doesn’t hurt that the guitar looks beautiful.

I love the body shape of the Topanga. This is a body shape I’ve long-admired. It’s a double cutaway that is mostly symmetrical while being fully functional. Easy access to all frets, volume and tone controls out of the way of playability and a body shape that lends itself to comfort while playing seated.

In regards to features that I don’t currently have in a guitar, there are a few.

  • P-90 pickups
  • Graph-Tech ResoMax wraparound bridge
  • A volute on the guitar neck based on Scarlett Johansson’s upper lip

You have to read the Topanga overview if you haven’t already. It’s brilliant. Who else references a celebrity in their product design?

The P-90 pickups on the Topanga are hand-wound and constructed by LSL Instruments. I’ve been intrigued by P-90 pickups for a while now. They’re something I’m yet to experience personally. But every time I see and hear a guitar with them, I find myself loving the tones they pump out. They just seem to rock nicely. They’re not metal, but for those classic rock tones, I’m sure the P-90s would give hours of tonal delight.

This video by Wildwood Guitars certainly seems to prove the point.

Of course, I could add this guitar to my collection and also increase my percentage of black or white guitars at the same time. How? Well, the guitar doesn’t need to be red. There’s also a yellow option I’ve seen and an incredibly sexy vintage white finish.

The Topanga is a classic design with some nice modern improvements and features. It’s wish worthy and makes this list of another 52 guitars.

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