What I learned while making an unboxing video

Let me start by saying that sharing this post and the video embedded within this post terrifies me. I’m not naturally extroverted. Still, I like experimenting with video and figured the best practice material I could learn with was … me.

So, here is the outcome of my experimentation with the initial setup of video, lighting, audio and a few other bits and pieces. All of this done while unboxing my new Jackson Guitars X Series Signature Scott Ian King V KVXT. There needed to be something worthwhile in the video. The guitar is just that.

Before getting to the video itself, let me share with you a short summary of things I learned as I attempted most things for the first time.

  • Putting myself in front of the camera—terrifying for us all
  • Capturing audio using a lapel mic
    • Syncing that audio with the video captured at the same time
  • Creating a YouTube video intro
    • It’s not great. If I attempt more videos, this intro will hopefully evolve over time
  • Video effect overlays—this video has a few
    • Title effects
    • Animated overlays
    • Colour grading using LUTs
    • Picture-in-picture
    • Zooming and panning images in video
  • Recording video of guitar playing with audio being recorded live in my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Editing video from multiple angles into the one video

Each element was a learning curve for me. Every time I learned something new I needed to go back and redo something I’d done earlier. Hopefully all of this learning will lead to quicker production processes and improved video quality in the future. For now though, this is most likely the most professional video I’ve put together myself.

Now to work on my on-camera confidence.

As for the guitar itself, words cannot express how pleased I am with this guitar—something that may be apparent when watching my mostly speechless video. This guitar took me back to my youth in the 80s and reminded me of the music that first made me want to play guitar.

Hopefully there will be more videos with this guitar to come.

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