Another 52 Guitars, week 31—Framus Pro Series Devin Townsend Stormbender

Initially I was going to focus on the D series version of this week’s guitar because it’s the most affordable version of this guitar. After some deliberation and research, I decided “Hey! This is a wishlist!”. A wishlist isn’t made of up almost want items. No, it’s made up of really want items.

I really want a Framus Pro Series Devin Townsend Stormbender.

My needs are basic when it comes to electric guitars. I just love to riff. The D Series could have done that for me easily, but one thing I am still yet to experience and enjoy is the Evertune bridge. I love the concept of a bridge and string system that compensates for slight string bends—I know I slightly bend some strings when I transition form one chord to another—as well as compensating for environment changes.

In regards to other features this guitar has that I’m yet to add to my own guitar collection, there’s these beauties.

  • Fishman Fluence Transendence Devin Townsend signature pickups
  • Warwick security strap locks
  • Illuminated side dots (fretboard)
  • GraphTech locking machine heads

Obviously, there’s the body shape and design as well. If you don’t have this guitar, you really don’t have anything like it. That appeals to me a lot. I also like that the guitar is mostly black in appearance. That works very nicely for my collection and needs.

When looking for videos to include in this article, the obvious contenders featured Devin Townsend playing his signature model guitar. That’s not a terrible idea. However, I also found this video and it appealed to me greatly.

Tommy Johnson did an amazing job of showcasing exactly how accurate the guitar keeps all your notes as he riffed away on his Pro Series Stormbender. It’s also an awesome song he’s constructed.

Having said that, you can see exactly what this guitar looks like in the following video by Framus themselves. This video features audio by Devin Townsend as well.

This is an epic looking guitar with incredibly fine details throughout. Costly? Yep. Worth it? I have a feeling it just might be.

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