What I learned while making an unboxing video

Let me start by saying that sharing this post and the video embedded within this post terrifies me. I’m not naturally extroverted. Still, I like experimenting with video and figured the best practice material I could learn with was … me.

So, here is the outcome of my experimentation with the initial setup of video, lighting, audio and a few other bits and pieces. All of this done while unboxing my new Jackson Guitars X Series Signature Scott Ian King V KVXT. There needed to be something worthwhile in the video. The guitar is just that.

What I learned while making an unboxing video

My almost realistic six guitar wishlist

At the beginning of this year I put together a list of the five signature guitars I wished I had. As someone who has an unhealthy fascination with guitars I often find myself dreaming of the guitars I wished I had—I’m sure everybody makes a guitar wishlist of their own though. I should say that I’m lucky enough to already have a decent guitar collection and with each new acquisition I try to add something unique to my guitar family. Currently I have something from the Les Paul, Stratocaster. Telecaster and V shape ranges. Realising this got me thinking of the other iconic shapes out there that I’m yet to own.

That right there is how I decided I need at least six more guitars to round out my collection. My almost realistic six guitar wishlist