Another 52 Guitars, week 23—Wylde Audio Nomad

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t own a guitar that was influenced by the designs Zakk Wylde has been applying to guitars for years now. Zakk’s Bullseye guitar and the variations that have followed since then are all really well designed. The RedRum Vortex design on the Wylde Audio Nomad is no exception. The design draws your eye into the business end of a seriously tempting guitar.

I know I want one.

If you’ve already clicked on that link above, then you would have noticed that Wylde Audio guitars are made by Schecter Guitars. That’s a brand I already love and trust, so my anticipation for a quality guitar is high here.

There is a Wylde Audio website, but at the time of writing, the site says “No products currently available”. Of course in true Zakk Wylde style, it’s written in all caps on the Wylde Audio website. That’s not my style, but you hopefully still get the idea.

Should availability improve, I’d be sure to try one of these Nomads out if given the opportunity. If they’re built like the V-style guitar by Wylde Audio that I almost purchased when last in San Francisco, then I know this guitar would be a tempting purchase for sure.

One purely visual thing I love is the Nordic runes used for the fretboard inlays. Very cool and once again, 100% on brand for Wylde Audio.

Just as availability is currently an issue for the guitars themselves, finding videos is a tricky task. I did find this one below, but the time taken for me to write this sentence is longer than the video’s duration.

Still … that’s some seriously good guitar playing on a very sexy guitar. You may notice that the guitar in the video doesn’t have the RedRum Vortex design that the guitar on the Schecter Guitars website has. I much prefer the design on the guitar to be honest.

Having the EMG 81/85 combo is nice. If you can play anything like Zakk Wylde, then this guitar should absolutely allow you to riff and shred like the man himself can. I can’t play that well, but I’m sure I could pull off some pretty brutal riffs on this guitar.

Having a set neck in a mahogany guitar that looks like you need to be a lumberjack to carry it around makes me believe the sustain and tone is going to be epic. This should be a tonal beast.

I have a decent beard. I believe I could make this guitar work. #want

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