Another 52 Guitars, week 50—Springer Guitars Seraph

Sometimes a classic guitar body shape is tweaked just enough to make it unique and somehow potentially better. Potentially. I think the Springer Guitars Seraph may have just accomplished such a feat. This body shape is killer.

There appear to be many guitar finishes this guitar comes in which normally means to me ‘find the black or white option’. In this guitar’s case however, there’s a black and white GT-style racing stripe version that I think looks incredibly hot.

Finish aside, the Seraph has all the right features to get you rocking. The machine heads are Gotoh, the bridge is Tune-o-matic and the pickups are both Haussel humbuckers—a brand I’m yet to try myself.

By default, this guitar comes with one volume and one tone control. There’s a three-way switch for those controls to apply their magic to the bridge and neck pickup and that’s your rocking start point.

You can apply several upgrade options if you’re keen. They include features such as:

  • Maple top for the body
  • Stainless steel frets
  • Distressed hardware
  • Electronic placement

The video below shows what a customised Seraph sounds like in crunch mode. There’s also a clean video on the official website for the Seraph.

Yep. It sounds as awesome as it looks. I’m a huge fan of that body shape and matching headstock shape. It’s classic, but modernised in a way I am loving. Black and white … perfection.

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